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The Tineke Rubber Plant, scientifically known as Ficus elastica ‘Tineke,’ is a stunning variety of the Rubber Plant, prized for its striking variegated foliage. Its leaves are broad and oval-shaped, with prominent variegation in shades of green, cream, and pink, creating an eye-catching display. The glossy, rubbery texture of the leaves adds to its appeal.

In terms of size, when grown indoors, the Tineke Rubber Plant typically reaches heights of 2 to 6 feet (60 to 180 cm). This makes it suitable for a range of indoor settings, from tabletops to larger floor planters, where its vibrant foliage can shine.

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Pruning can help maintain the plant’s shape and size. Trimming back leggy or overgrown branches can encourage denser growth and a more compact appearance.

Propagation of Tineke Rubber Plants can be achieved through stem cuttings. Take a cutting with a few leaves, allow it to callus, and then plant it in a well-draining potting mix.

In summary, the Tineke Rubber Plant is a captivating indoor plant with variegated foliage that includes shades of green, cream, and pink. Its moderate care requirements, including proper lighting, watering, and humidity, make it a popular choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of indoor spaces. With the right care, the Tineke Rubber Plant can thrive and become a decorative and visually striking addition to your indoor plant collection.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Tineke Rubber Plant

  1. I love plants

    For those looking to make a design statement, the Tineke Rubber Plant is a top choice. Its bold variegation offers a unique contrast that blends seamlessly with both modern and classic interiors. Paired with a chic pot, it’s a living piece of art!

  2. Ashley

    Living in an apartment means limited space for larger plants, but the Tineke Rubber Plant has been a perfect fit. It grows upright without sprawling out too much. Its bright, variegated leaves have been a wonderful addition, giving my space a tropical vibe.

  3. irina

    The Tineke Rubber Plant is a stunner! The variegated leaves with their cream and green hues add a dash of color and elegance to my collection. It’s not just another green plant; it’s a centerpiece that constantly garners admiration from guests.

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Tineke Rubber Plant